Summer Wardobe MVP







Top: American Apparel/ Skirt: Forever 21, similar/ Jacket: Forever 21, old, similar/ Shoes: Sam Edelman, similar/ Clutch: Forever 21, old, similar/ Sunnies: Mink Pink

Turns out that this crop top from American Apparel was the best $27 I spent this summer because I can’t stop wearing it! In the past, I have worn this with more casual outfits, (see here and here) but I love how it can also feel more fancy when dressed up with the right pieces. I wore this a couple weeks ago in San Francisco on a night out on the town, and again last week at a friend’s birthday dinner in LA. If you are still hesitant to get on board with crop tops, showing just a sliver of midriff by wearing a high waisted skirt is a great way to try this look without feeling over exposed. Hate em’ or love em’, crops don’t seem to be going anywhere fast, so keep crunching ladies! ;)

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Photos by Bianca Bethune

Back(pack) to School

Back to school


Well, summer break is almost over. I fully intend to soak up these last few weeks of carefree summer bliss as much as possible, but in the mean time, would like to point your attention to the matter of backpacks. Growing up, I dreaded going back to school every fall as much as the next kid. Some things never change.
How you feel when back to school commercials start - First world Problems II | Meme Generator 2014-08-09 13-50-07
However, end of summer depression was quickly forgotten at the prospect of back to school shopping. A new school year is a great excuse for new clothes, and of course, a new backpack. Even if you aren’t a student, backpacks are making a big comeback due to the fact that there are so many chic options out there. I have personally always felt that your backpack says a lot about you. Up until a year ago, I was still holding on to my much beloved L.L. Bean tie-died backpack that had “Jessie” embroidered on it. As far as my 7th grade self was concerned, that backpack was the coolest one out there. Now that I’m going to have to start actually going to campus rather than my couch to take classes (the horror), I am on the hunt for a really great backpack. While I may not be happy about the start of a new semester, at least I have a little bit of semi-justifiable retail therapy to console me. :)
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The Coldest Winter



Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took a couple days off and flew up to San Francisco for a nice getaway. I’ve been up to San Fran a couple times, but haven’t spent more than a day at a time there, so I made Nate take me all over the place. One thing I loved about San Fran: the weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some bright, sunshiny, warm summer days. However, in LA, we have more of those kinds of days than we know what to do with. The weather up north is a nice change, it was overcast and chilly, which meant I got to break out some of my layering pieces that I haven’t worn in forever. Layering is key there because one minute you are cold, and the next thing you know, the sun is peeking out and it is suddenly warm. Mark Twain once said it best: “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” Another thing that I loved about this city was their gorgeous architecture. The Palace of Fine Arts, where these photos were taken, is one obvious example, but everywhere you look are the cutest homes and apartments. Maybe I’m just a sucker for old buildings, but I really believe they just have so much more character. If you ever have the chance to go visit San Francisco, do it. I am already trying to figure out when I can go up there next. IMG_3752










Shirt: H&M, similar/ Sweater: Forever 21, similar/ Pants: Jacket: Piperlime, similar/ Boots: Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, similar/ Sunnies: Ray Ban


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San Francisco Bound

Sightseeing in San Francisco
In honor of my upcoming trip to San Francisco tomorrow morning, I thought I’d post a little outfit inspiration (mostly for myself) for sightseeing in the “city by the bay.” I’ve only been to San Francisco twice, and only for 1 day at a time, so I haven’t yet had the opportunity to really see the city and get the full SF experience. I can’t wait to explore, relax, and get out of LA for a couple days. Packing is kind of an issue because I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that there is a place in California that isn’t 100 degrees every day, so some nice, cool weather will absolutely be a welcome change.
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Oh so boho


Sometimes you gotta go boho, and sometimes you gotta go all-out boho. Today was the latter. I realize this is outfit is pretty hippy-dippy, but I was just having one of those flower-child kind of days. Also, what’s not to love about this kimono thing? It makes you feel like you’re walking around in public in pajamas…kinda makes me miss pajama day back in elementary school. ;)






Top: American Apparel/ Shorts: Forever 21/ Kimono: Forever 21, similar/ Sandals: Amazon, similar/ Purse: Rebecca Minkoff, similar/ Body Chain: Ebay


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Photos by Allison Mertzman


Drop in the Bucket

I am kind of a bag lady. Just one glance inside my closet will tell you that. My purse obsession could probably rival my shoe obsession. As someone who loves trying new trends, I was surprisingly not super excited about bucket bags. Normally I gravitate toward a more structured silhouette, but I think this is the very reason that the bucket bag grew on me. My purse collection needed something less rigid and stuffy, so I broke down and bought one of these sack-like purses. If you want to give this trend a go, here are some great, affordable options that are just a “drop in the bucket.” Sorry, you know I had to do it. ;)

Target, on sale for $12.24

Target Limited Edition Bucket Handbag - Navy : Target 2014-07-26 13-30-13


Urban Outfitters, on sale for $39.99

Deena & Ozzy Splinter Chain Bucket Bag - Urban Outfitters 2014-07-26 13-32-39

Just Fab, $49.99

Enamored - JustFab 2014-07-26 13-34-29


Shoedazzle, $49.95

Pullman - ShoeDazzle 2014-07-26 13-37-36

And, just for kicks, a gorgeous splurge version (a girl can dream)…

Alexander Wang, $950.00

Alexander Wang Diego Dumbo Metallic Bucket Bag, Rose Gold 2014-07-26 13-41-23


What do you think about bucket bags? Are they awesome or should they have stayed in the 90’s?

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Summer Days, Melting Away…


Today, my car informed me that it was 108 degrees. That’s just stupid. Temps like this call for minimal wardrobe choices. I bought this H&M tank recently and loved it, as I love all backless/low cut backed things, however, they always present a certain problem for me. Cue: the inevitable visible bra strap. Let’s be honest, I can’t go without one. If you are a bit bigger on top, I know you feel my pain. The good news is that a lot of people are coming out with bras that double as fashion. All those cool straps going on on my back in the picture above? That is not a part of the shirt. This bra is everything. Bam! I mean, if your straps are gonna show, they might as well look this good!








Top: H&M, similar/ Shorts: Zara, similar/ Shoes:, similar/ Purse: Rebecca Minkoff, via ebay/ Sunnies: Ray Ban


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Photos by Allison Mertzman


One dress, two ways: the LWD


The LWD (little white dress) is one garment that should be getting paid overtime this summer. It’s everywhere, in mass quantities. I would know, because of all the dress shopping I’ve been doing for the different weddings and wedding-related events I am attending. I do love me a white dress, and there are so many great options out there, however, I’ve been a bit frustrated as I feel I can’t really justify buying a new white dress this summer seeing as how I won’t be able to wear it to most of the more dressy social events on my calendar (that whole, don’t-wear-white-to-someone-else’s-wedding rule really gets in the way of that. :P ) This particular white dress has been in my closet for a couple years now, and it never gets old to me. One thing I love about it is that I can dress it up or down for pretty much any occasion summer has to offer. Plus, its super light, so its perfect for our current scorching hot socal weather.







Dress: American Eagle, old, similar, similar/ Bag: Vintage Dooney & Bourke/ Hat: Lucky Brand, similar/ Booties:, similar/ Belt: Vintage, similar/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Watch: Michael Kors









Shoes: Sam Edelman/ Necklace: Ebay, similar/ Clutch: H&M, similar


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Photos by Allison Mertzman

Hawaiian State of Mind


I could be wrong, but I think that Hawaiian print shirts are now…cool? I was a little skeptical at first, but it seems that these very tropical themed garments are no longer relegated exclusively to something your dad might wear to a barbeque. At least, that’s what I’m going with. In any case, it is hot as hell in the valley, so I think I might have chosen this top out of my sheer desire to be at the beach pretty much all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice?






Top: C&C California, similar/ Shorts: Forever 21/ Sandals: Forever 21, similar/ Bag:, sold out/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Watch: Michael Kors


Happy Monday everyone, as always, thanks for reading! xo


Photos by Allison Mertzman

Happy 1st Birthday, Miss Moore Style!


Well, time flies when you are having fun trying to figure out how to be a fashion blogger. It has been a whole entire year my friends, and I have to say, I think I’ve come a long way. If you don’t think so, check out my first outfit post. Its definitely worth a laugh, seeing as how it consists of Urban Outfitters dressing room mirror selfies. Yeah. Its definitely been a year of learning, and I’m still learning a lot about how this whole blogging thing works, but this past year wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some of my most awesome friends and my boyfriend. So thank you so so much, Bianca, Ashley, Casey, Sarah, Hunter, Wendy, Leanne, and Nate for always being down to snap my pics for me, even if it feels a little silly. I can’t wait to see what the next year in my blogging adventure brings!







Top: American Apparel/ Skirt: Piperlime, sold out, similar/ Sandals: Forever 21/ Purse: Kate Spade, no longer available, found on ebay/ Watch: Michael Kors

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Photos by Bianca Bethune